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    I joined the military.


    Got bored, ended up at a recruiter's office.

    I'm either heading into the army if my clearance goes through, or into the coast guard if it doesn't.
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    I've got friends in the army and a cousin in the coast guard. Hope you get some good training there.

    Good luck and stay safe
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    Good luck with it. I spent 5 years in there. I had a blast. I would go back if they'd let me.

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    Thank you for your service to the country.

    I hope you wind up in the Coast Guard. True that "Coasties" some times find themselves in harms way but not as much as a "grunt".

    I gave the Navy about 7 years and came away with skills and training, it was a fair swap. I had some fun but not always. They did put my through rehab though, nowadays they throw you out.

    Good luck to you, keep in touch when you can.

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    Good luck, man! Take care of yourself.

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    Wow! A tough decision taken out of a bored routine?

    It's for the country, in service to what it is all for. Good luck and take care.

    Stay fit and balanced--physically, emotionally and mentally. If and when you get deployed to the frontline (assuming you get through the Army), may the itch of "have gun, will travel" stay away from you.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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    I never got bored with my computer so many things to learn ...
    But serve the country is very noble.
    Take careand good luke .

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    I am not eligible for the Coast Guard at the moment, as it appears. Since I do not have an associates degree yet, my GED is not considered to be a highschool diploma.

    I have settled on the Army, and MOS 88L or 88K, which would be watercraft operator, or watercraft engineer.

    Nobility... service to my country... yeah... no.

    I'm doing it to get out of St. Pete. They'll give me a $20k enlistment bonus, and I'm not going to see *real* combat... Although I may end up in the Persian Gulf.

    So, 4 years of doing what I basically do now... For a bit more money actually... considering that it's $1500+ per month, after they feed me, clothe me, housing, training, certifications, medical, dental, etc...

    I'm buying a sailboat with the enlistment bonus. Hell... Once all is said and done, I am immediately qualified for a USCG captain's license... provided I pass the tests. The tests have never been a problem, I have just never had the ability to spend enough officially logged time on the water.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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