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Thread: sockets different source ip error [winsock]

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    sockets different source ip error [winsock]

    So I am trying to experiment with raw sockets and what I am trying to do works but when I change the source IP, it gives me a 10004 error. I looked it up in platform sdk and it says: WSAEINTR - 10004 - Interrupted function call.
    A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall.

    But it makes no sense to me. The thing works perfectly when I put my normal IP in.

    Figured someone more experienced from here could help me out. Thanks heaps in advance.

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    **** wrong section. Could a mod or someone please move it to wherever it belongs. Thanks

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    Weren't the "raw" sockets kind of crippled with XP SP2?
    Meaning you can't do stuff like this anymore?

    Edit: searched a bit on the subject:
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    Thanks. Someone from programming forums gave the same link to me couple of hours ago and well, I got it to work. Basically, it doesn't allow u to put source address that is not one of your IPs. Of course, really easy to fool. Thanks for all the assistance

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