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    Compiling the GCC from nearly scratch...?

    OK, I am trying to help my friend on his computer that has Damn Small Linux installed on it. He's enabled APT and GNUBinutils.

    So he used apt-get to install gcc, but it's version 2.95.1 (I think, it's something before 3.0!).

    So I am trying to write a script that downloads and installs the following: GNU Tar, GNU Make, GNU Binutils, and GCC.

    I'm having a little trouble with the exact compilation of the GCC from source code...and the GLibC library needs to be upgraded, I'm guessing.

    So, here's the problem: 1) Can I compile ("directly") the latest version of the GCC without installing a 3.x version? 2) Are the directions to install the GCC simply "configure-make-make install"? 3) Do I have to upgrade the GLibC?
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    Why not just edit sources.list to point to a repository
    that is known to have the latest version?
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