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    Remotely managing a site

    Hi all,

    I am managing a new suite of network computers on a monday evening, I would like to be able to remotely manage the machines from my work place. The machines I wish to manage (3 of them) are on a NTL Broadband connection and are connected together via a Linksys Router, then to the NTL Cable Modem.

    My works Internet is connected via a cisco router to a 2mb dedicated line, provided by the local authority. How would I set up remote control as the PC's have a LAN IP I.E. 192.169 and cannot be accessed over the net.

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do???


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    What standard of Linksys router is at the remote site and can it pull the external IP off the modem- if not you may need to look at getting a combined ASDL router and modem

    Hardware dependent, you can setup a NAT and ACL for remote desktop / VNC etc to allow connections from your IP address only and connect this way.

    I would just do it for one machine and then use this machine to connect to the others once you are inside. Use different passwords for each machine.

    Your hardware may not allow you to configure the setup to this extent though, so you may just be left with use port forwarding and a NAT - so any traffic that comes to the router on it's external IP on port xxx is forwarded to 192.168.x.x on port xxx - this is not ideal from a security point of view but if you use remote terminal and not VNC, have a strong password and lockout policy and use a high port for the external connection (over 1024) then there should not be too many problems.

    If you have the means to purchase newer hardware you could use IPSec aware router at the remote site and set up an IPSec VPN connection between the two sites. (I'm presuming you have a corperate grade Cisco router at your work place that undertsands IPSec)
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    I have been told that I could just install hamachi on each PC and on the viewing PC and create a vpn then just use remote desktop or vnc, would thing work????

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    What OS are your servers running???

    2003 Servers have the remote admin built in...you just have to forward the ports on your routers to the server.

    As Nokia said...a strong password is a must

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    Hamachi is bidirectional, meaning that they can connect to you as well. If you do alot of remote support for them I would recommend a VPN capable firewall.

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