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Thread: Winsock isssues

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    Winsock isssues

    Hi all. I haven't been here in a very long time. Hope someone can help me out. I DLed iolo's internet security, but didn't like it so I uninnstalled it.
    Now, randmly I loss internet connection to my computer. Called my ISP and they told me it was a WinSock problem. So I called Dell and they walked me true using "netsh winsock reset catalog" in the cmd propmt. Ii went alway for a while, now it's back. I had a progran called Winsock Fix (freeware), but with no discription of what is actually does or if it would screew up other things. I also thought that after using 'netsh winsock reset catalog' it should not happen again, BUt it does...over and over again
    Can someone tell me what to do to that it does keep happening.
    Since the first time I was guided to use'netsh winsock reset catalog' I haven't again. Since the first time it happened to me, I installed GoBack, and have been using it. However GoBack has buffer and if you fill it up you won't have anything to GO BACK to (FOR A WHILE)
    If some has a better idea or even a discription as to what WinSock Fix does, please help me.

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    You might try "LSPfix" from CExx.org?


    Yes, they have a sense of humour........... like "C" might be "S" and "ORG" might be extended? But it does work.

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