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    I just wish I knew who owned the ip address

    They're responsible for an awful lot of problems.

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    That would be me.

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    for the first time ever!!! EVER!!! i'll have to agree with nihil on this one. An IP is an IP wireless or not. raveesh am sorry but that just isn't true. a scenario where your behind a router & firewall (properly configed) would make it really hard to get a location. but if you insist give me your routers IP and i'll prove it to your
    see the sarcasim in my smile ????

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    UK ISP's (and probably all of the larger ISP's in the world) subnet their IP allocations down to geographical regions. Some are starting to publish this breakdown via web services to allow other automated entities to have a better idea of the location of the IP.

    Static IP's and a different story altogether and probably around 60% of them can be tracked to an address.

    So yes a normal IP can be tracked to an ISP and if the ISP has made the info available, then the normal home users' DHCP IP can further be tied down to a specific area within the country.

    a scenario where your behind a router & firewall (properly configed) would make it really hard to get a location
    A properly configured router and firewall or a badly configured router and firewall have nothing to do with determining the location of an IP address.
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    Realistically speaking, you can trace an IP to a geographic location in many circumstances. I use ADSL broadband and can connect either wired or wireless. I can only access my account via my telephone line which has a fixed number, directly linked to my geographical location (my actual house).

    My ISP will know what IP address is assigned to this telephone line at any point in time. Whilst that doesn't prove who was using the link at the time, it would give me some explaining to do?

    My ISP has millions of addresses, and you are given a different one each time you log in. Sure, someone could spoof an address out of their block, but the chances of it being assigned to me at that point in time are literally millions to one.

    Unfortunately, we don't have any details, but from the sentence it sounds as if the accused violated some sort of court restraining order and did not try to disguise themselves?

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    Typically IP addresses are only one piece of evidence. No, IP addresses won't identify a user, but other circumstances often will. I'm reminded of an ISP in southern Kentucky that got subpoenaed for their logs. One of their subscribers had levied a death threat against a lawyer via a Hotmail acc't. The lawyer called up insisting on getting the name matching that particular ip addy, and when the ISP didn't hand it over, a subpoena came over the fax 20 minutes later.

    The subscriber was convicted of issuing the death threat. He had the motive (he lost a case to that attorney) and the ip addy was matched to his acc't. Logs don't lie, generally. I don't know what other evidence the authorities got, but I imagine there might've been cookies, temp files, and lots of other goodies on the PC. I do know motive and an ip address can go a long way in court. Happens every day...

    edit -- the ISP uses PPPoE. So there's a log not only with an IP, but also a user name. Having said that, not all broadband connections are created equal. Had a tech at Alltel tell me one time there were nine different kinds of DSL, so I'm sure there's a variance of logs depending on any ISP's given connection technology.
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    do a whois search on my ip...
    Quote Originally Posted by cobrajet
    A man in WNY was arrested and sentenced to a year in jail over an email with the sole piece of evidence being an IP address? (- and a wireless IP address at that?! -)
    How can you make such a long thread when the info that was given was this!
    OrgName: Missouri Western State College
    OrgID: MWSC
    Address: Computer Center
    Address: 4525 Downs Drive , LRC 110
    City: St. Joseph
    StateProv: MO
    PostalCode: 64507
    Country: US

    pretty specific...

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    Actually there were two IP addresses, apparently neither account was in the accused's name. One account was in WNY and the other in SC.

    pretty specific...
    Not really, that is a college with a large block of IP addresses. Anyway, it is in MO.

    Without seeing a detailed report or a transcript of the actual case it is hard to determine what the prosecution case and evidence was.

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    ravenshee u r the man and what if the man was hidding over an non secure wifi ... who would be in jain ? the wifi owner ??? the wifi itself ?? the computer ??? .... an ip to incriminate someone ( in my opinion of course ) is not enough .... ( what if the machine was compromised like a backdoor a ssh account compromised ..... this damn **** only happens on USA .

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    Hello SharPleX, and welcome back.

    You will report to the AO adjutant ("Exec" for our American colleagues) at 06.00 tomorrow to explain your prolonged absence without leave.

    this damn **** only happens in the USA
    Unfortunately this is not true! It certainly happens over here in the UK and in the rest of Western Europe. I would hazard a guess that we could include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and possibly Japan?

    The problems as I see them are:

    1. Courts don't understand IT technicalities.
    2. Law enforcement don't understand IT technicalities.
    3. Users don't understand IT technology.
    4. Juries don't understand IT technology.
    5. Lawyers don't understand IT technology.

    Now, you just imagine that scenario, and factor in a child pornography charge?

    In many places that makes you "guilty until proven innocent" which is the wrong way round?

    And if you want India to become another Zimbabwe, just continue with your current mindset

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