IP = ID?? How can this be possible?

A man in WNY was arrested and sentenced to a year in jail over an email with the sole piece of evidence being an IP address? (- and a wireless IP address at that?! -)
Oh yea, and what exactly did the court find him convicted of? #2 A mere IP address is NOT enough evidence to convict him/her of a computer crime. He could have easily said my systems security was breached someone hacked into my computer to do their dirty work from my PC I was a VICTIM not the culprit. I've been through the legal system a few times so I kind of now what works and what doesn't. On a side note, do you know how easy it is to spoof an IP address/break into someones PC and use their system to do your dirty work it's not very hard.

How can they determine from an IP address who in the house or on a network is actually on the computer?
All they can do is a *WHOIS* query on the IP address and see WHO the IP address belongs too. (which isp) not which individual user was on. They cannot tell if it was tyrone smith or his grandma all they know is someone was on that computer using an IP that belonged to their ISP.

PS; Maybe in the UK it works like that but over here in the states it's all evidence your innocent until proven guilty. Just because the cops arrest you those are *booking charges* doesn't mean your guilty or convicted of those charges those are only ARREST charges.