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    Hi Guys ,

    Im a computing science student at a uk university in my final year. This year I have to do a Final Year Project . Wondering whether anyone here has any tips/urls to tips etc on producing a top notch Final Year Project.

    The software I hope to develop is PHP/MSQL based.

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    Sorry mooret, but I don't think you are going to get much response without some more background on what the general requirements and framework of your project are.

    The software I hope to develop is PHP/MSQL based.
    That tells me that it is a development project, but not much more

    Basically we would need to know what sort of application you are trying to develop and what the deliverables are. Also how it has to be presented.

    The two most likely shortcomings in young developers are likely to be a lack of:

    1. Structured methodology
    2. Documentation

    I would suggest that you look at SSADM and Prince2 for some idea of what is required for the development phase of a project. Remember that those are full lifecycle methodologies so you will only be interested in a small part.

    Also think about the appropriateness of providing Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams and a Data Dictionary.

    Don't forget a bibliography and a glossary of terms if appropriate. Even a User Manual or a level 1 support manual?

    Sit back and ask yourself this question:

    "If I was going to PAY a guy to develop this, what would I expect to see as a deliverable?"

    You might also have to think in the shoes of those who are going to support the product after you have delivered it, and who might have to enhance, modify or integrate it?

    Your basic design and functionality will give you a 2:ii with no problem. A 2:i or First will depend on the bells and whistles

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    Well if you want something PHP/MySQL based, what about a CMS?

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