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    Nigerians Puppy Scam

    Yes those crazy Nigerians have yet another scam and this one involves puppies.

    Mentioned in this article

    I decided to check out a local newspaper site and found one ad with no phone number. Sent the following email

    I am interested in purchase the dog mentioned in the ad. Could you please send me additional information, including the price you are asking for her and your general location - Indiana, Illinois, Michigan (I travel a lot so might be able to pick her up while traveling). This would make a great birthday gift for my daughter.
    "YORKIE TERRIER, Vet checked, AKC and NKC registered. Shots up to date, comes along with all her papers."
    Thank you!
    And received the following response:

    From: Donald Robbinson [donald.robbinson100@gmail.com]
    Sent: 10/10/2007 12:26:06 AM
    To: Thomas Goodman
    Subject: Re: YORKIE TERRIER

    Thanks for your interest in my baby,She is still available for a new home.She is 11 weeks old,She is AKC registered and all her shots are given up to date,She love playing with kids and other animas around her.All her papers will accompany her with one year health guarantee,But right now i am in West Africa on a Christain mission trip to West Africa States with my wife and we have her right here with us,We are not initially geting rid of her but due to the harsh weather and my mission over here so we need to get a good loving and caring home for this puppy,And i hope you are also a good christian that will take very good care of our baby.we are going to ship her to you via Express pets delivery on next day delivery after shippment through a shipping agent, I am leaving her for Adoption which is $400 and it includes her shipping and Handling fee to your nearest airport.so if you are interested in having her,i want you to get back to me with your Full Name,Home Address,Phone Number,Mobile Number,including the nearest airport to your House.you would have to make the Payment to the shipping agent via Western Union At Any Local Store around Your Home.Please if you know that you are not going to take very good care of my baby do not reply me becuase i am only giving her out becuase we dont have time to take care of her again due to the mission work before us here .Await your response,You can call me on 0112348038096622 or +2348038096622 ..pictures attached below
    Thanks and God Bless you
    NOTE : Pls Note That Shipping To Your Door Step Wil Cost You Extra $50
    Don't worry the name posted and used isn't my real name (since his isn't either) and I don't have a daughter but threw that in to show how serious I am. Have to love to "Shipping to your door step" extra charge.

    I did contact the newspaper to have them remove the ad and suggested they also do an article on this scam as the other paper did. It's all that really can be done by the paper besides putting a warning above the pet section online and in the paper about these types of scams. Yes some people will still fall for this but hopefully a few less from that ad.

    I am going to play the game a little longer with "Donald" and without going into detail let just say the final email is going to take a very dark turn.
    Wise men talk because they have something to say;
    fools, because they have to say something.

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    Gotta love it eh

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    Serves them right. They show a total lack of respect for animals so they get what they deserve.

    I got my current two from the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They actually sent an Inspector round to our house to check that we had suitable accommodation

    The "cost" was the price of the immunisations and neutering, at well below private veterinary rates

    I guess that once you have visited an animal rescue centre you will never "buy" a pet again............. or maybe I am just a sentimental old fart who has "lost it"?

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