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    Medisoft Error 6420--Networking Problem?

    I have Medisoft Medical Billing Software on my Server . Access via RDP to the Server is fine and Medisoft has worked great for years.

    But this past week I lost connectivity from my 2 desktops to Medisoft on the Server , receiving an Error 6420. I reviewed the article in the Medisoft KB...and do not believe it is any of those issues. I can easily browse to the appropriate files on the Server...I just can't connect via clicking the Medisoft icon on my 2 desktops.

    In addition, another program, Focus Reports, which links between Medisoft and Advantage Database Server, is installed on my Server , and the same error is being received....even if I work directly on the Server.

    I have had a couple of IT people look at the networking issue and they say everything looks fine. Not sure if this may be an Advantage Databaser Server issue. Only change this past week to the Server was the implementation of Virtual IP (via Provision Networks..like Citrix) for purposes of EMR...that change was made last Sunday, but the problem did not surface for me until Wednesday.

    Willing to hire someone for expert consultation who can fix this problem.


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    Can you ping it? Also, what do you have for security setup? Perhaps, a firewall? If so, it could be the culprit. I had this problem at a doctors office I do IT for them and they were having the same problem but the issue got resolved. full story can be found here http://antionline.com/showthread.php?t=275531

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    Error 6420 - The discovery process for the Advantage Database Server failed

    if (document.images){ var buttonprint = new Array(); buttonprint[0] = new Image(); buttonprint[0].src = "images/kbImages/Print.gif"; buttonprint[1] = new Image(); buttonprint[1].src = "images/kbImages/Print_Over.gif"; } function displayprint(num){ if (document.images){ eval("document.all('ucArticle_print').src = buttonprint[" + num + "].src"); } } if (document.images){ var buttonemail = new Array(); buttonemail[0] = new Image(); buttonemail[0].src = "images/kbimages/Email.gif"; buttonemail[1] = new Image(); buttonemail[1].src = "images/kbimages/Email_Over.gif"; } function displayemail(num){ if (document.images){ eval("document.all('ucArticle_email').src = buttonemail[" + num + "].src"); } }
    6420 Error Troubleshooting Information
    Point of Success uses the Advantage Database Server to protect data from network-induced problems and to speed access to the data. Point of Success software must discover the database server. To do this, a message is sent across the network to the other computers. The database server computer responds with information to allow Point of Success to connect to the database server. If this response is not received, the 6420 error is generated.
    A 6420 error is always caused by a network communication problem. All of the resolution suggestions here deal with correcting communication issues.

    Only change this past week to the Server was the implementation of Virtual IP
    ^ is your problem

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    I know this thread is very old, but I had the same problem. This was one of the first hits in my google search, so I figured I might post the solution here.

    1) Create the file "ads.ini" inside your application directory (like C:\medisoft\bin\)

    2) Inside the file, enter the following text:



    In my case it looked like this



    Server2008 was the server name, and it had the IP address of The default port for an Advantage database server is 6262. You can also specify a different port to use in the Advantage Database configuration manager.

    In the advantage server, you can also specify the server to listen on an Internet port, which will route traffic over the WAN. In order to use this, you will need to go in the advantage server configuration manager and change the Internet port setting from 0 to your desired port (you can choose any arbitrary number, like 5000).

    On clients that connect over the WAN (as opposed to those from LAN or VPN), your ads.ini should be configured like this:



    mine looked like this (note: this is not really my public IP):



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