This is one I've been thinking about for a while and I can't quite come up with a final answer really, and maybe I just have to sit down and do some serious research, but i was hoping you guys would be able to help first.

I have a GB (1000mb/s) switch and a wireless G router (54mb/s) on a subnet under it. Traveling over a router is always slower than a switch, I know that, thats why i got the switch. I also know hard drive seek times determine speed of transfer rates as well as processor speed, motherboard, RAM, etc. If i wanna do better than the 11.5 mb/s over my switch like i get now, or the 2.5mb/s i get on my wireless, what should i do?

I looked at 10000 rpm HD's and i think that would help a bit, but whats the most important thing here, whats really limiting my speeds?