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    Wink Crytek are not too happy about certain beta testers.

    It seems that Crytek are not too happy about certain beta testers who are breaching NDA by posting screenshots of the game Crysis which is currently in beta.
    Everyone who is participating in the Crysis MP Beta should read the following information:


    +++09/28/07 +++
    For your information - The hammer of justice hit NDA violators with it's full strictness and glory!!

    Within the past few days and weeks of the Beta we have continuously collected data of beta testers who obviously didn't care much about the NDA.
    We recorded several breaches of the NDA caused by posting Beta related screenshots outside this forum, hosting videos, using/creating hacks, hosting user created servers, cheating on the servers, etc.

    Overall we have collected about 150 People Which either have been removed from the Beta already or will be removed within the next days.
    Just one warning to everyone who is trying to back stab us - Don't even think of trying it! We will case you, we will find you and we will kick your ass out of the Beta sooner or later.

    We got plenty of people, including very committed beta testers who support us, lurking through the world-wide forums.

    Don't betray our trust in you - it's just not worth it!

    -Crysis Dev Team

    Crysis Beta Support E-Mail: betasupport@crytek.de
    See attachement for screenshot.

    So are there any members here beta testing the MP? Any that are that have been bending the rules and gotten caught.?

    {Also a quick google search will bring up enough images / etc }.
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    I've tried to get in on the beta for this. I wasn't accepted.

    That was just about a week before they were supposed to post the SP demo. I had the countdown in a tab on firefox and eagerly awaited the release of the demo. (The same day that Halo launched.) The countdown ended but no link appeared. It seems they delayed the SP demo by another month. So, I've got the countdown in another tab and I'm waiting till next Thursday to play.

    FarCry was, in my opinion, the best first person shooter game I've ever played. The graphics were great, but the gameplay was awesome! I favor gameplay over graphics anyday. I love how "smart" the enemies are. I really like the cryvision and how you can spot enemies and put them on your radar.

    Anyway, I eagerly await the release of the demo. I need my fix! Then I'll be looking forward to the release of the actual game. (sometime in Nov.)

    I know, I sound like huge geek right now. But, that game is awesome. I have never been so excited about a game release before in my life. I was going to start playing BioShock or Team Fortress 2 in the meantime... but decided against it. I already get no sleep as it is.

    BTW: Quake Wars Enemy Territory (MP Demo) is fsckin awesome too. I loved Wolf Enemy Territory and this is just like it with quite a few nice twists and turns. The gameplay feels pretty similar and I was addicted to the Wolf ET.
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