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    do a whois search on my ip...

    What am I missing?

    Okay, I have read alot of tuts and are looking and reading through more as we speak, but I want to know how I am doing and what I am missing...

    I have a laptop that I use for personal stuff (not like managing a network or anything that you guys do for work) with windows vista 32bit OS. I use AVG antivirus, along with trend micro for scans (and jotti's for single file scans, before I open what I download) along with ZoneAlarm for my firewall. My HDD is partitioned into a 95/5 with the 5 for backing up/restore points, it is also encrypted by secure disk. I have turned off netbios, because i dont ever network with any printers etc... my discoverability is off, along with file sharing.

    I mainly connect to wireless ap's in my neighborhood, to the schools LAN, or to my LAN at home... So am I doing good? what have I missed?

    any questions or comments (I am still working on not getting offended by the tough love approach) would be great, thank you!

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    Two things to look at and think about:

    1. What browser are you using and what are its security settings. For example, I use FireFox with the "noscript" plugin and IE with the security set to ask permission before running scripts (Java & ActiveX)

    2. What wireless encryption protocol are you using.

    You don't mention any anti-spyware or adware so I would recommend that you look at:

    1. Spybot Search & Destroy
    2. AdAware SE
    3. SpywareBlaster

    With Spybot, use "immunise" and set the interactive "teatimer" to run.

    Go here and have a look at the free tools:


    In particular, RegistryProt. This alerts you to attempts to alter the Registry.

    OK, you need patience or to remember to deactivate then reactivate when loading new software. Personally I don't mind the warnings, as I find it interesting to see what software is doing when it is installed.

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    do a whois search on my ip...
    When I connect wireless it is over an unsecure network in my neighborhood. I cant crack secure ones because my wireless card is intel based, and no tools either *nix or windows support it... Is there any way to secure my packets on an unsecure network? I know I can go into the ap and put a wep encryption, but that would throw a red flag for sure lol. How bad is it to connect over an unsecure network? what vulnerabilities are there and how can I still use an unsecure ap without being attacked?

    I will install anti-spyware/adware today, and take a look at those tools.
    is there anything else?

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