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    Computer not going into XP

    Hey there guys.

    Got a mates computer here. First error was a long beep when booting up. I took everything out besides the AGP graphics card, HDD (Seagate 40g 7200 rpm) processor, 2 ran sticks and the power supply.

    The computer booted. However it froze on loading into windows, on the windows logo screen. When run in safe mode it froze on


    I popped in a XP SP1 cd and attempted to run recovery. This froze on the windows setup screen while loading.

    I took the harddrive out and plugged it into my pc. Finally I got past the windows setup screen with the bootdisk (Xp SP1). Ran chkdsk /p and it picked up errors and fixed them apparently.

    Still doesnt want to boot into windows, in safe mode or not.

    Also another thing when I use the external graphics card the screen is 90% blank and on the odd occasion I get it running but then freezes as before.

    When using the onboard graphics I get a sync error. Some wierd resolution.

    The beep has gone that was originally there, it was a medium to long one.

    Motherboard: MS9158E+ Matsonic from what I can see.

    Any thoughts on what to do?
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