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    Computer not going into XP

    Hey there guys.

    Got a mates computer here. First error was a long beep when booting up. I took everything out besides the AGP graphics card, HDD (Seagate 40g 7200 rpm) processor, 2 ran sticks and the power supply.

    The computer booted. However it froze on loading into windows, on the windows logo screen. When run in safe mode it froze on


    I popped in a XP SP1 cd and attempted to run recovery. This froze on the windows setup screen while loading.

    I took the harddrive out and plugged it into my pc. Finally I got past the windows setup screen with the bootdisk (Xp SP1). Ran chkdsk /p and it picked up errors and fixed them apparently.

    Still doesnt want to boot into windows, in safe mode or not.

    Also another thing when I use the external graphics card the screen is 90% blank and on the odd occasion I get it running but then freezes as before.

    When using the onboard graphics I get a sync error. Some wierd resolution.

    The beep has gone that was originally there, it was a medium to long one.

    Motherboard: MS9158E+ Matsonic from what I can see.

    Any thoughts on what to do?
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    Could be a few things really. Check the motherboard for poped caps before you go any further so you dont waste your time. If it looks okay try booting off the disk with only one stick of memory at a time, testing each one seperatly. If that doesnt work try bootin off the disk without the hard drive. If it still freezes you probabaly have a bad motherboard..

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    When The Wolfman runs into problems like this, The Wolfman uses PC Check!

    This fangtastic piece of software has never let me down. It always detects the hardware problem when they exist.

    Check it out:

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    I would take the drive, put it in your machine and scan it for malware.

    Then flash the BIOS with the latest version. That might fix the onboard video problem.

    Update the OS to SP2

    Load the latest VGA driver

    TDI.sys sounds like a Linksys driver. Make sure that you have the right one loaded for whatever model of card you have. I have known incompatible NIC drivers cause strange problems

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