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    mohaughn : yes, we go through that. Standard as everybody else that doesn't have this problem.

    It's not the profile that's the problem, as far as I know. Everything in the profile creation is pretty standard around here, and only a select few have this problem. In fact, the first time they sign into Outlook, it works fine. It keeps working fine until they logoff and back in again. Then, when they start Outlook, they are given that error. If they put in their account name and click 'Check Names', it finds it and works properly. It continues to work properly until they logoff again.

    From what we've seen and the Googling we've done, this isn't a common thing, and in no way by design.

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    What version of exchange?

    What is different about these users...as in group membership???


    Are these 2000 or xp machines??


    Edit> Have you tried cached mode??

    Have you tried the profiles on another machine that does not experience this behavior??
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    Ok. Your first post made it sound like the problem only happens when existing users are given a new computer.. Which would require that a new profile be created. I did not realize from your description that this was happening to users with an established profile that has worked for some time.

    Check out this article. Have you confirmed that RUS is running properly?


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    Morgan : 2003, nothing in particular that's unique to them, XP, and I was wrong before, we do use cached mode, and thanks for the link

    Mohaughn : thanks for the link. There's some things on there we haven't tried. I'll give it a more in-depth read and let you know how it goes.

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