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    zyair G4100 wifi router slow to respond

    Hi my friend has a wifi cafe with zyair g4100 hooked up to hughes satellite modem. His speeds are 1.5mbs down and 400kbs up. Router management becomes very slow and some wierd things start happening if the number of sessions by one or more users gets to be over 30 or so.
    Just for refference pulling up a myspace page brings up a bunch of sessions on the router management page.
    Does anyone know of a good forum or a place to find more on how to troublshoot the slow responsiveness by the router. The cafe usually has anywhere from couple up to 20-30 guests. But what I've noticed is that single user can knock the router offline.

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    Hi, this forum seems fairly comprehensive:


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    thanks, nihil, I am gonna check it out. In these remote places, like the dominican republic, bandwidth is pricy, and connectivity is not very reliable. Couple that with large number of web thirsty tourists and you have a recipe for disaster.

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