I've been playing around with VideoLan a lot recently; transcoding files for my Ipod, watching movies in ASCII mode (yeah....I know), and streaming cartoons on my home PC so that I can watch them at work. I can do all of this stuff fine.

Some of you may know of a feature in VideoLan that allows you to view streams in a grid, like they use in surveillance monitors.

Screen1 Screen2|
Screen3 Screen4|

I have two USB webcams; one in my room, and one facing my window facing the driveway. I was successfully able to stream each camera separately and view them remotely, however configuring the grid/video matrix has been driving me nuts. I followed the steps in the documentation, and even used a script that someone else created to make the grid, but it never works.

Has anyone seen a tutorial where videolan has been used to create a working surveillance setup?