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    Connecting to network

    I'm on a university network and trying to connect to the workgroup "WORKGROUP" but whenever i go into My Network Places and click on "view workgroup computers" it gives me the error:

    Workgroup not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource.

    Network path not found

    Why can't i view the networked computers when everyone else on campus can?

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    You probably need an account and some permissions.

    Talk to the IT department...I am sure they will help you out

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    Maybe you have a firewall because if you have the same setup as everyone else there is no reason you cant browse a workgroup its not like a domain where you have to be authorized.

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    Are these computers managed by the university? Or, is it your personal computer? Is your computer in the same workgroup as the other workstations? Can you see your workstation in the workgroup from another workstation? Do you have any Internet Security software (firewall, etc.) and which one?

    I think that you'll also need to make sure that the Computer Browser servcie is running.
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    It's not a workgroup that is run by the University's IT dept. We do have shared drives, and access to ours on another AD server. However, what we are trying to do with connect this computer to the same workgroup (WORKGROUP) most of the rest of the building (in residence) to share files and printers.

    We checked the firewall, computer name and workgroup name, and it is still a no-go.


    *edit* We can access the other computers via. \\computername\share, but not if we go "My Network Places" > "View Workgroup Computers"
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    ok....XP home cannot connect to a AD or domain....and a workgroup is not a domain...I am sure the Uni has seperate networks ...depending on requirements

    I would ensure you have MS File and print sharing and the MS network client installed...............check the properties of your NIC.

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