The problem is that they get into computers to be something. If these people even had a true interest in technology then a underlying interest would have already made itself present... while this whole obsession with being something simply should not.
That is an excellent definition of a "script kiddie" or at least of their mentality

Very similar to the old "first kid on the block" with a BMX or a motorcycle or an automobile. The concept that you can buy true success without any real effort on your part? Like you say:

By now everyone has a computer and everyone has done something cool with them. There is no one left to impress with your false sense of success.
The whole computing environment has evolved and changed. You don't see the malware "for the hell of it" that was around in the past. Rather it is very much targeted on commercial and criminal activity.

Today's script kiddies are frequently criminals and unscrupulous commercial organisations who hire the technologists to produce their tools, and simply behave as "dumb users".

As a result of of this commercialisation and criminalisation, the lawmakers have upped the ante on the consequences side. That makes it far less attractive for the old style script kiddie mentality, because even a juvenile court sentence hardly makes you look "cool".

The "good old days" are gone and will never return. Like Bill Clinton jokes and floppy disk boot sector viruses, the concept of the "hacker" is obsolete and redundant, unless it is to return to its original Berkeley University meaning.