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    Talking Favorite Scary Movies

    So what movies scare the crap out of the members of AO?

    I am a big fan of the classics:

    Friday the 13th
    Nightmare on Elm St.
    The Omen

    Just to name a few...
    \"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink.\"


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    Poltergiest(s) and The Simpsons halloween specials. LOL

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    In terms of really being scary or suspenseful, the first two that come to mind would be John Carpenter's the thing, and Stanley Kubrick's the shining. But I'm a big fan of old time Universal studios black-and-white horror films like the Wolf Man, the mummy, etc.. Films from that genre. However one of the few remakes that I think is good is the remake of the mummy. One of the reasons I think it's good is because it in no way attempted to copy the original. It took a completely different approach, and it worked. Also has excellent effects

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    The Shining is an excellent movie... [and boogymantroy is right... so is the Shinning ] I haven't seen many of the old scary movies... I watched the remake of Dracula [half of it anyway] I couldn't get past Keanu Reeves though... I kept waiting for a phone booth to fall from the sky or something...
    \"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink.\"


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    There's nothing quite like old horror movies in black and white. The Wolfman with Lon Chaney Jr. is a particular favorite. Not the werewolf of London, however. A werewolf is not supposed to put on a hat and a scarf before he goes out to kill, nor is he supposed to be leveled by a clout on the jaw from a human.

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    Heh, someone is going to think I'm showing off, but this is only a HALF of my horror collection:

    1. Monster, Go Home.
    2. Cannibal Man. (Uncut And Uncencored)
    3. The Bloody Dead.
    4. Night Of The Living Dead. (BLACK AND WHITE)
    5. Night Of The Living Dead. (COLOR)
    6. Day Of The Dead.
    7. Dawn Of The Dead. (UNCUT)
    8. The Gates Of Hell
    9. The Gates Of Hell 2.
    10. Chopper Chicks In Zombie Town.
    11. Revenge Of The Dead.
    12. CHorror Hospital
    13. Dead Alive.
    14. Night Of The Zombies.
    15. Blood Sucking Freaks. (DIRECTOR'S CUT)
    16. Forever Evil.
    17. Horror Hospital.
    18. Don't Look In The Basement.
    19. I Spit On Your Grave.
    20. Autopsy. (UNCUT)
    21. Dracula. (BLACK AND WHITE, 1931)
    22. The Changeling.
    23. Gorgo.
    24. Interview With The Vampire.
    25. The Clown At Midnight.
    26. Vampires.
    27. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
    28. House On Haunted Hill. (BLACK AND WHITE)
    29. House On Haunted Hill. (COLOR)
    30. Torso. (DVD)
    31. The Excorsist. (DVD)
    32. The Fun House. (DVD)
    33. Zombie. (DVD)
    34. The Legend Of Hell House. (DVD)
    35. House By The Cemetery. (DVD)
    36. Seven.
    37. Faces of Death 3.
    38. Worst Of Faces Of Death.
    39. Deep Red.
    40. Dario Argento: An Eye For Horror.
    41. The Corpse Grinders. (DVD, WIDE SCREEN SPECIAL EDITION)
    42. Wishmaster. (DVD)
    43. Wishmaster 2, Evil Never Dies. (DVD)
    44. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. (COLLECTOR'S EDITION)
    45. Boogeymen, The Killer Compilation. (DVD)
    46. Maniac. (DVD)
    47. Night of the Living Dead. (BLACK AND WHITE, DVD)
    48. Dementia 13. (DVD)
    49. Dr. Giggles. (DVD)
    50. Seven Doors Of Death. (WIDE SCREEN EDITION, DVD)
    51. Slave Of The Cannibal God. (WIDE SCREEN EDITION, DVD)
    52. The Shining. (Special Edition With The Making In The Begining)
    53. The Evil Dead.
    54. Evil Dead 2, Dead By Dawn.
    55. ManHunter. (DVD)
    56. The Silence Of The Lambs.
    57. Hannibal. (DVD)
    58. 8MM, Eight Millimeter. (DVD)
    59. Halloween.
    60. Halloween II.
    61. Halloween 4.
    62. Halloween 5.
    63. Halloween H2O, 20 Years Later.
    64. The Mummy.
    65. From Hell.
    66. Pumpkin Head.
    67. Zombie Holocaust.
    68. Children of the Living Dead.
    69. Return of the Living Dead Part 2.
    70. Return of the Living Dead Part 3.
    71. Pumpkin Head 2, Blood Wings.
    72. Halloween 6, the curse of Michael Myers.
    73. The Amityville Horror.
    74. Orgy of the Dead.
    75. Sleep Away camp.
    76. Burial Ground (DVD, Uncensored).
    77. Friday the 13th.
    78. Return of the Living Dead (DVD).
    79. Garden of the dead (DVD).
    80. Rattlers (DVD).
    81. Dr. Gore (DVD).
    82. Witchcraft X (DVD).
    83. Witchcraft XI (DVD).
    84. The Stranglers (DVD).
    85. Sore Losers (DVD).
    86. Scream of the wolf (DVD).
    87. Wolf Moon (DVD).
    88. Moon of the wolf (DVD).
    89. Snow Beast (DVD).
    90. Silent night, Bloody night (DVD).
    91. Don't look in the basement (DVD).
    92. Jack the Ripper (DVD).
    93. Satanic rights of Dracula (DVD).
    94. House on haunted hill (black and white, DVD).
    95. Night of the living dead (DVD). (Yes, I have like 5 copies)
    96. Shriek of the Mutilated (DVD, Uncut, Uncensored, special edition.)
    97. Halloween (DVD, Special extended edition.)
    98. Cannibal Holocaust (Uncut)
    99. Cannibal Ferox AKA Make them die slowly.
    100. Halloween (VHS, Anniversary edition.)
    101. Halloween 4 (VHS, Collector's edition.)
    102. C.H.U.D. (VHS).
    103. House of 1000 corpses (DVD).
    104. Halloween 2 (DVD, Wide screen).
    105. Children of the corn (VHS).
    106. Mad Monster Party (VHS).
    107. Army of darkness (VHS).
    108. Fade to Black.
    109. Hell Night.
    110. Dawn of the Dead (DVD, Special Edition).
    111. The Texas chainsaw massacre (DVD, Original, special edition).
    112. The Texas chainsaw massacre (Double DVD set, special edition package).
    113. She Beast (DVD, 1965).
    114. King of the Zombies (DVD, 1941).
    115. Dead men walk (DVD, 1943).
    116. The Brain that wouldn't die (DVD, 1962).
    117. The Ape (DVD, 1940).
    118. Bloody pit of Horror (DVD, 1965).
    119. Night Of The Living Dead (DVD, BW, Zombie Collection 1968)
    120. The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave (DVD, 1971)
    121. Terror Creatures From The Grave (DVD, 1966)
    122. Messiah Of Evil (DVD, 1974)
    123. The Snake People (DVD, 1968)
    124. Zombi 3 (DVD)
    125. Zombie 4:After Death (DVD)
    126. Zombie 5:Killing Birds (DVD)
    127. Night Of Bloody Horror (DVD, 1974)
    128. God Told Me To (DVD, 1976)
    129. Legacy Of Blood (DVD, 1971)
    130. Sisters Of Death (DVD, 1976)
    131. The Devil's Hand (DVD, 1962)
    132. Memorial Valley Massacre (DVD, 1988)
    133. It Happened At Nightmare Inn (DVD, 1970)
    134. Pieces (DVD, 1983)
    135. Die Sister Die (DVD, 1974)
    136. The Undertaker And His Pals (DVD, 1967)
    137. Devil's Nightmare (DVD)
    138. Pieces (DVD, Special Edition)
    139. Kill Baby Kill (DVD)
    140. Kiss Me Kill Me (DVD)
    141. Mark Of The Astro-Zombies (DVD)
    142. Collinsville (DVD, 2003)
    143. Collinsville II (DVD, 2004)
    144. WitchHouse 3emon Fire (DVD, 2001)
    145. Hell Asylum (DVD, 2001)
    146. Amazonia The Catherine Miles Story (DVD, 1985)
    147. Girls Nite Out (DVD, 1982)
    148. DooM (DVD, Unrated, Extended Edition)
    149. The SlaughterHouse Massacre (DVD, Unrated, Special Edition)
    150. The Devil's Rejects (DVD, Unrated, Special Edition, Double DVD)
    151. Land Of The Dead (DVD, Unrated Director's Cut)
    152. Halloween - 25 Years Of Terror - Documentary (DVD, Double DVD)
    153. Halloween H20 (DVD, Collector's Edition, Special Edition)
    154. Blood Feast (Digital, Special Edition)
    155. Mummy's Kiss (DVD, Unrated)
    156. Tales Of Voodoo Volume 1 (DVD)
    157. The Mummy Boxed Set (DVD, Special Edition)
    158. The Mummy returns (DVD, Special Edition)
    159. Anthropophagus - The Grim Reaper (DVD, 2 Disc Special Edition, Uncut, Unrated, Banned Version)
    160. Dawn Of The Dead (Remake, DVD, Special Edition, Uncut, Director's Cut)
    161. The Night Evelyn Came out of the Grave (DVD, Color)
    162. The House by the Cemetery (DVD, Not Rated)
    163. Fangs of the Living Dead (DVD, Not rated)
    164. I Eat your Skin (DVD, Not Rated)
    165. The Last Man On Earth (DVD, Not Rated)
    166. King of the Zombies (DVD, Not Rated)
    167. Night of the Living Dead (DVD, 1968, Boxed)
    168. The Thirsty Dead (DVD)
    169. Messiah of Evil (DVD, Boxed)
    170. Night of The Living Dead (DVD, 1968, Not Rated, Color Added Version)
    171. Jack The Ripper Goes West (DVD)
    172. Legacy of Satan (DVD)
    173. The Bride (DVD)
    174. Blood Song (DVD)
    175. Halloween 2 (DVD, WideScreen Special Edition)
    176. Night Of The Living Dead (DVD, Color, 1990, Special Edition)
    177. Die You Zombie Bastards! (DVD)
    178. Blood Of The Zombie (DVD, Unrated)
    179. The Dead Hate The Living (DVD
    180. Zombie HoneyMoon (DVD)
    181. Day Of The Dead 2: Contagium (DVD, Unrated)

    I'll point out a few things:

    First, a couple movies are on there multiple times. No I wasn't drunk... Well I could have been,l but that isn't the reason, the reason is because I own multiple copies or versions of some movies.

    I own 10 copies of Night of the Living Dead. Two of the 1990 Re-Make, one on VHS one on DVD, and the rest are the original, and the reason I have so many of the original is because the first copy I bought was VHS and I started wearing down the tape on it, so I bought it on DVD, then I found one that was 5 minutes longer than the one I had, so I bought that too and it just went on and on and on, I kept finding releases with more features and commentaries and extra scenes so whenever I find a version Id on't have I buy it.

    I have 4 copies of Dawn of the Dead. One is the unrated uncut director's cut version, one is the VHS copy of the same thing, one is the special edition that has about 15 minutes extra footage they cut out and another is the remake.


    Second, I haven't updated this list in almost a year, and have since gotten about 40 new movies to add.


    Also since Grindhouse came out, it's MUCH easier to find the original oldschool Grindhouse releasing movies now, so I buy those whenever I see them.

    So the actual number of Horror / Gore / Splatter movies I have is almost 300 now.


    Gore's favs:
    Night of the Living Dead (Highly Recommended)

    Day of the Dead (Highly Recommended. Not for the squeamish)

    Dawn of the Dead (Highly Recommended Not for wussies)

    Land of the Dead (Highly Recommended)

    Night of the Living Dead 1990 (Highly Recommended)

    Dawn of the Dead remake (Highly Recommended, not for people easily offended)

    Frankenstein (Highly Recommended)

    Dracula (Highly Recommended)

    The Mummy (Highly Recommended)

    The Phantom of the Opera with Lon Cheney

    Cannibal Holocaust (VERY Highly Recommended, NOT for people who are turned off by blood, guts, or members of PETA as the animals killed in this film weren't faked)

    Cannibal Ferox / Make them die slowly (Highly Recommended Same as above, if you're offended easily this is NOT for you, and all animals were actually killed)

    Zombie Holocaust (Highly Recommended)


    The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Highly Recommended)

    Don't look in the basment

    Zombie 3

    Zombie 4

    Zombie 5

    Zombie Holocaust (Highly Recommended, don't watch if you're scared of blood)

    The Bloody Dead (Highly Recommended, don't watch if you have a weak stomach)

    Nosferatu (Highly Recommended)

    The Screaming Dead (Highly Recommended)

    Night of the Living Dorks (German horror comedy, real title: der Nacht der lebenden Loser) (Highly Recommended)

    The Corpse Grinders (Highly Recommended)

    Halloween (Highly Recommended)

    Die you Zombie Bastards! (VERY Highly Recommended)

    Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town (Highly Recommended)

    The Dead hate the Living

    Pumpkinhead (Highly Recommended)

    Horror Hospital

    Forever Evil (Highly Recommended)

    I Spit On Your Grave (Highly Recommended, not for the easily offended, shows scenes of rape and torture. Don't worry though, the woman chops his wee wee off)


    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Highly Recommended)

    House On Haunted Hill (Highly Recommended)

    House On Haunted Hill Remake (Highly Recommended)

    The Excorsist (Highly Recommended)

    Zombie (Highly Recommended)

    House By The Cemetery (Highly Recommended)

    The Shining (Highly Recommended)

    The Evil Dead (Highly Recommended)

    Evil Dead 2, Dead By Dawn (Highly Recommended)

    The Silence Of The Lambs (Highly Recommended)

    Hannibal (Highly Recommended)

    From Hell (Highly Recommended)

    Children of the Living Dead (VERY Highly Recommended)

    Return of the Living Dead Part 2

    Return of the Living Dead Part 3

    Burial Ground (Highly Recommended, not for kids)

    Return of the Living Dead

    Dr. Gore (VERY Highly Recommended, don't watch if blood bothers you)


    House of 1000 corpses (Highly Recommended, not for easily offended)

    Army of darkness (VERY Highly Recommended)

    King of the Zombies (Highly Recommended)

    The SlaughterHouse Massacre (Highly Recommended)

    The Devil's Rejects (Highly Recommended)

    Blood Feast (VERY Highly Recommended)

    Anthropophagus - The Grim Reaper (Highly Recommended not for people scared of blood, guts, or cannibalism, was also banned in US but I found a copy)

    Zombie HoneyMoon

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    dear god gore... *heh* ... well, you have given me quite a few ideas... I still can't get over that list... and by the way, my wife and I loved your comments... especially about chopping off the pee-pee
    \"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink.\"


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    He didn't write all that out just for this thread. He still had the list from therapy.

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    The wee wee gets chopped off good too. But those dudes deserve it.

    And I don't go to Therapy lol.

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    In the Mouth of Madness. Still creeps me out to this day. Cthulu Mythos stuff is just eerie.

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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