Hmm i m really in a big problem

i have some music Vdo and ado which i keep in the office computer which i really dont like to share with ne one so what i do is i keep them hide in a different drive (E Drive) and its not shared on the net work

but as u guyz knw that folder is hidden what is do is

i unmark READ ONLY
Unmark Archieve
& Mark Hidden

so what happens is the folder and the subfolder question comes and i say that hide the subfolders also

what it does is takes a 50-60 sec of time to hide them depending on the number of programs running on the PC and finally i get my task done " Now its hidden finally"

But at the time when in the drive (E drive ) go to the tools and say them as show the hidden files and folder

But it does not happens as commanded to the computer instead it does not even show the main folder

Solution i found for myself

is that i go to the searh menu and search for the folder name and commands to search even the hidden files and folder and finally when i get the main folder found i right click on it and change the properties of the folder as archieve and uncheck the hidden options

What i want to know

I want to know y does it happens like that even though i m keeping the option so simple

Thx a Ton for the Help

King Kong

Well this is bcoz when i make it as "Show the Hidden Files and Folder" and say apply still it does not makes the changes if i open the tools and folder option again it still immplies as hide the hidden folder

and let me remind i have the admin rights with me