Hi Everyone,

I`m working in a school and at present our network is sat behind a VERY restrictive firewall and proxy, the school have decided they want to host thier own website in-house, to do this I need to contact the EMBC (our ISP) and put a written request in for an external IP, it also suggests reading thier firewall policy which iv done, basicaly in a nutshell it says they will remove thier firewall protection for that perticular IP.

Am I right in thinking that because our webserver would be on our LAN if an attacker compromised it, they could potentially compromise our whole network. and because the IP I specify to them is an internal LAN one I cant put it on a network of its own. It does state that we have to have a firewall in operation protecting it, could anyone make any suggestions as to how this could be set up?


Craig Dunn