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    Oh bullox!!! What was that static IP again????

    Lost the IP to my Alcatel OmniPCX...so can't install the software to reconfigure some stuff! Isn't there a tool that can make getting this back as seamless as taking a beautiful ****? Or do i have to do this the hard way. again! Anyone whose been in the same scenario got any tips on this guys?

    Scenario: Am out of office so can't really do much!
    got me an IP Scanner, but won't pick up the PABX and other hosts, just PC's
    see the sarcasim in my smile ????

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    Why not phone the office and ask?

    I guess this is by design? if you can remotely retrieve your connection details, so can anybody else; which would be one less layer in your security.

    What exactly do you mean by "lost".......... is that "forgotten" or "doesn't work"?

    Also, is this information stored locally on your laptop?

    I have had that problem with remote connection software in the past. Some file corruption had occurred, so no tool would retrieve anything useful, all they would see was the corrupt data.

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