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    Blocking Processes

    Is there a was that I can block certain windows processes from running. I want to know if there is a general way to do this for any process.

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    Try looking in control panel "administrative tools"


    It would help if you told us what you were trying to do.

    1. Do you want to block certain users/groups from running certain processes?

    2. Do you want to permanently block certain processes?

    3. Do you want to force a manual launch of certain processes?

    4. Do you want the system to ask permission for the launch?

    Please take a look at this:


    OK, it is supposed to be a security solution, but if it does what you want as well, why not use it? There is a free and a commercial version.


    1. What version(s) of Windows?
    2. Workstations only?
    3. What sort of processes?.............remember, Windows breaks very easily.
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