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    MS DOC metadata viewer

    Does anyone know where I can find a MS .doc metadata viewer? I would like one that I can use to strip the metadata and view it. Thanks.

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    What operating system? what version of MS Office?

    Here is one metadata tool:


    And a more limited free one:


    The commercial software available is designed for lawyers, doctors, accountants, bankers and similar reptiles. Its main intent is to sanitise documents so as to avoid negligence suits, but they all seem to have fairly comprehensive viewing capabilities as well.

    It is probably becoming somewhat obsolete as I believe that Office 2003 and 2007 have the capabilities to suppress and remove this data themselves. I am sure that 2007 does. MS certainly did an add-in for XP and 2003:


    Mostly I would just copy the document as a .txt and view it in Notepad or Wordpad.



    Also, don't forget that Office itself has the ability to display these data. Display for Review, Show, Collaboration, and Properties for example.

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