I have recently changed jobs and moved to a Betting Company as head of their IT Department. They have a need to constantly monitor competitor's websites for price changes. So if my company has a football game priced at 10/1 and a competitor also has the game priced at 10/1 then all is good. But if this competitor company suddenly changes it's price to 2/1 then they must have got some inside information. In order for my company not to take a loss, we need to assess this price change and act accordingly.

At present there is just one person monitoring the website for changes which is obviously not perfect.

What I need is an application that monitors the competitor's website and alerts my company via whatever method I decide.

My question is: Can I bot be written with this functionality in mind?

Now I know Bots are dreadful things and can be quite annoying, but forgetting about their regular use, could a bot be written to do what I need.

If so, could you please point me in the general direction. I don't wish to be spoon fed, but my knowledge as of yet on the subject is limited. I've no problem coding in whatever language it takes.

Thanks for your help.