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Thread: Favorite Security "Toolkit"?

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    Post Favorite Security "Toolkit"?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering (and I was thinking of possibly making this a sticky or something in this same forum, but..) what some of your favorite "toolkits" are. By toolkit, I mean some of your favorite software/hardware used for security measures. Could be antivirus applications, firewall software, anti-malware applications, or anything you deem appropriate and/or use to secure your home (or office/network) system.

    I kinda wanted to poll amongst you guys your popular choices and favorites, as perhaps we could help with new members knowing what are some of the better software they should be using. Gracias'!
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    My basic toolkit is as follows:

    AVGFree [Anti Virus]
    ZoneAlarm Free [Firewall]
    Spybot S&D
    HijackThis [anti malware tools]

    I have been using Process Guard, which is a program Nihil recommended. I like the general concept of the program, but I am still at that annoying stage where everything is popping up asking for permission.

    As a line of defense I would recommend running Firefox with the Noscript extension. [not really part of a toolkit, but an important security measure.]

    You will notice that all of my commonly used programs are freeware. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    The same as westin,


    AVG Anti-rootkit
    AVG Anti-spyware
    AdAware SE personal (LAVASOFT)
    A-Squared (EMSI Software)
    SpywareBlaster ( Javacoolsoftware: Complements Spybot S&D)
    Avast! (ALWIL Software)

    CCleaner (Piriform) yes, it is not strictly a security product but:

    1. It cleans out cache and temporary files where malware likes to hide.
    2. If you are trying to clean a system then there is that much less to scan

    WinPatrol (Bill P Studios)
    RegistryProt (DiamondCS)

    I am starting to evaluate Mamutu (EMSI Software) It is another behaviour based malware blocker.

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