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    Hey all, was going to post this in GCC to get more of a response, but ehh..

    Can anyone help me, I'm having some trouble with my WinXP system. I recently experienced major trouble with it constantly freezing up and everything and I can't quite fix it the way I used to. I've tried Defrag, cleanup, etc and a shitload of other programs.. nothing. Anyone got any advice to help? I can't play WoW anymore.. lol
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    Does it start OK in safe mode?

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    Did you check the fans? Heat, dust etc..
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    JPNYC: I can't play WoW in safemode.. atleast, admittedly I've never tried it haha.

    SirDice: Heating is fine, there is a tad bit of dust that I cleaned.. still not much better success.
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    Is this a desktop or a laptop?

    is probably on the mark, as freezing is fairly typical of overheating issues. Make sure that the power supply and video card fans are working properly as well as the others. It might also be significant that you are having problems with graphics intensive games.

    Make sure to clear out all the crud in your CPU heatsink as well. Check that the thermal compound has not started to ooze out from around the CPU.

    Just touch your PSU and HDD(s). If it hurts, there is your problem. Hot, stale air building up around the HDD(s) can cause a variety of problems, including freezing.

    Whilst you are at it you might as well clean the contacts and reseat your RAM and video card.

    JPNyc's question is interesting. If it has the same problems in safe mode then that would suggest a hardware issue. If it doesn't then you might have a rogue or conflicting application. That is a pain to troubleshoot because they are otherwise trusted applications that probably worked OK in the past.

    Have a look at your start up list and applications that you have set to automatically check for updates. Try starting with a minimum of applications and services and turn off the auto-updates.

    Another problem can be conflicts cause by AV and other security software that are set to run automatic scheduled scans.

    Try going into your BIOS and Windows and turning off power saving and screensaver. "Hibernate" and screensavers are favourite suspects.

    I suppose you have already looked at your system logs for error messages?

    You might try Memtest86 to check that your RAM is OK:


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