I've a wireless router on which I've switched security logs on.
I've got this log today.
TCP Packet - Source:,1362 Destination:,18908 - [DOS]
TCP Packet - Source:,1363 Destination:,4438 - [DOS]
TCP Packet - Source:,1366 Destination:,7934 - [DOS]
TCP Packet - Source:,1373 Destination:,14968 - [DOS]
TCP Packet - Source:,1374 Destination:,466 - [DOS]
TCP Packet - Source: Destination: - [PORT SCAN]
TCP Packet - Source:,2392 Destination:,24467 - [DOS]

Well, none of this IP is mine, so I don't know whether my router is doing something funny.
Can someone please explain me the big picture.