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    Question ZoneAlarm antispyware = Free 1day only.


    Just a quick heads up that ZoneAlarm is offering there Zonealarm antispyware app for free, this is a 1 day only offer. You can grab the free download from here


    Every month, Microsoft® offers users patches to update Windows and Internet Explorer to help protect them against newly-discovered product vulnerabilities. But as soon as Microsoft makes their announcement, hackers are already finding ways to exploit users who may not download the patches immediately. The security experts behind ZoneAlarm urge you to always patch your operating systems and browsers whenever an update is available. More importantly, take extra precautions to protect your PC for those times when a patch may not be available. That's why we are offering you ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware for FREE today, Patch Tuesday, only. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to protect your PC and stay safe online!

    I have downloaded it already, and currently giving it a test on a spare win2000 pro and a winxp pro boxes at the moment.

    {Oh and if this is in the wrong section, then moderators i'm sorry please forgive me and move it to the right section lol. }

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    1 day, means news to me mate

    OK If you use FF with the "noscript" plugin, you will need to allow ZoneAlarm to use scripts.




    Have just got it on an XP SP2 box........... so far so good........... will now try it on Win 2000 SP4.

    It really upset my favourite Australian defence mechanisms.......... guess it doesn't know "Australian Rules"
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