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Thread: im beyond stumped

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    Let's see Nihil crack that in 1.834 seconds!

    The Wolfman is actually quite curious what the answer is to your crazy puzzle. Do post it if you find it!
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    Will do Wolfman

    UPDATE: i had an idea i wanted to run with i checked it in baconian to no avail i got random letters that looked like base64 but werent and they also werent ROT13 im still working tho

    UPDATE: still nothing but i am positive that the . and, are 0 and 1 which would make a baconian decoder seem feesible but its not working or it is working and i just dont know what type of decoding im useing for the second part...been up all night tryin to figure this one out gotta admit its looking like its gonna be a real tough one lol iwont cave for atlease 3 weekson trying tho
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    I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I cannot see the front end being anything other than binary?

    I would say that there are far too many dots and too few dashes for it to be morse code?................ or the other way round?

    I am wondering if it might not be some sort of triple cypher, have you looked at that?

    EDIT: You say that it isn't ROT 13. Try this tool, it will test rotational cyphers 1 through 25 in milliseconds

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