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    8 Ways to Seriously Screwup Your Linux System


    1) Delete all files
    2) Reformat
    3) Block device manipulation
    4) Forkbomb
    5) Tarbomb
    6) Decompression bomb
    7) Shellscript
    8) Compiling code

    For details and example on each visit the site, this forum doesnt allow html codes.

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    No offense, but this is probably one of the lamest articles I've read recently. For the most part, these are old tactics for malicious intent users, and save 'rm -rf /', they aren't really the kind of thing to happen by accident. Despite the seemingly benevolent intent of the article, we can all see through it. Some of these can be effective, but for the most part, they can all be avoided. Fork bombs are pretty easy to prevent, several can only be done as root (at which point, there are hundreds more options,) if quotas don't stop the tar, a little cleaning will..

    In general, it's a pretty useless article. No depth is given on any one subject, it doesn't discuss prevent, and most of those won't do anything.

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    Do not execute code from people you donít trust
    This could revolutionize computer security everywhere.

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    another way

    Load windoze over it LOL

    sorry couldn't resist

    "Somehow saying I told you so just doesn't cover it" Will Smith in I, Robot

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