"System development" wouldnt it be a place to discuss the new stuff introduced into the computer world? if i am posting this in the wrong place, am sure the moderators would shift this post into the more appropriate place. Please...

anyway. was looking into the "alienware" site (am planning to get one in the near future). came across some thing called the "solid state Hard drive" did a little research about it. all i could understand from it all was... it a high capacity flash drive plugged permanently into the computer. but i could be wrong.

its a wonder they managed to build that large capacity solid state Hard disks(320-640GB) and not release pen drives not larger than 4GB.

from the technological point of view these ones will not have a rotating storage disk but will be something along the lines of RAM strips.

320gb one costs $550 and 640 one costs $1100 according to their website. thats a very high price to pay for a Hard disk.

a brand new laptops costs around the same price.

if anybody could throw more light into the subject....it would be nice.