Hi there

I am a very selective, but passionate player. Once in a while, a few next-generation
games come to market, which I simply have to play. But I do not want to
play them with a resolution 800x600 without anti-aliasing etc., but I want
to play them as best as possible.

So, I usually buy a new PC and the old one becomes some linux box.
Today, I am interested in two games:
"Enemy Territory - Quake Wars" (which I can play 800x600 without anti-aliasing ) and
"Unreal Tournament 3/2007" (which I haven't bought yet).

I have an excellent flatscreen (resolution 1600x1200), which I want to use.
Thus, I want to be able to play above games with the given resolution at
full detail and maximal render-engine capacity.

What do you guys recommend? What shall I buy? Please take care of
protection of investment, in the following sense: which technology most
likely will be reasonably upgradeable for the next years?

Thanks & Cheers