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    Video card issues

    Well I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but I am hoping for the best. Also, I'm not quite sure if this is the appropriate subject to be posting it under. But here goes.

    I have a diamond ATI Radeon Stealth 256 mb PCI video card. I worked perfectly on the other motherboard, but I got a new one and tranferred everything over, everything worked but my video card.. now it was sitting on my desk for a few months before. Now I installed the drivers and software and plugged it in and the screen did not appear, I know this Video card is compatable with the motherboard and I have a 350 watt power source which is enough for everything i have going on. I am wondering, maybe I'm wrong about the power source, or maybe I'm wrong about the compatability, but I'm wondering did it somehow get damaged sitting on my desk, or is it just being stubborn?

    It would help to know so I know if I can fix it with time and effort (I don't wanna spend it unless I know it's worth it.) or if i have to go out and purchase a new one *shudders at the thought*

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this.

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    Prior to removing the Card from the previous mother board i take it that it was working perfectly yes?

    Did the mother board happen to go faulty that is why you needed to replace it? or was it just a matter of upgrading to something newer?

    When it was just sitting on the desk did it get bumped? sucumb to static electricity? magnets? heat etc etc

    Have you tried putting the graphics card into any other machine to test it? Is the new mother board using onboard graphics?
    If it is then did you disable the onboard graphics then install the graphics card? have you also tried checking to see if it's visible in your BIOS or system settings in the control panel?

    just a few ideas i thought i would throw into the thread..

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    Id honestly dump that card its really old but...

    Try vga mode by hitting f8 while booting into windows..

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    Thankyou for that, I will try both of those now.. I'll get back to you after testing those things.

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    Ok, I tested it on another computer and all it could do is beep. nothing came up.. I don't know if it got stepped on, bumped or hit when it was sitting there. We do have a cat... I don't think it was out of the anti-statis bag but it has been used on my fiances computer so something migh of happened there.. and as for the motherboard it was only an upgrade. and it did work after I took it out.

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    Hi mitskuna,

    For some reason your last post duplicated exactly, so I deleted one.

    If you are getting BIOS beeps as a result of inserting the card in another machine then I would say that the card is dead.

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    Yeah, dead. try unplugging everything except the MOBO connector and the video card. See if you can get a post.

    Basic troubleshooting, if it only beeps when its the only thing other than the Mobo pulling power, its fried.

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    Before declaring it dead...

    Did you try what t34b4g5 said regarding disabling the onboard video if there is any? That very well could be it.

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