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    Its a very nice utility and quite fast, I generated 500 passwords in arround 10secons.

    I did notice one thing that was interesting and I'm sure there is a reason for it. What if someone already has a number and or special character in their password and they want to make it stronger your input box for the password doesn't allow for either.
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    It has my stamp of approval. That is one problem with standard password generators. They generate crap that no one can remember. Which leads to post-it notes on the bottom of the keyboard. I have been using your method for awhile... [though not automated of course] to come up with passwords that I can remember, but would not be easily cracked. nice work.
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    Very nice program, although I don't have to look after a network of security illiterate people; it seems like it would do the job if I had to.

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    This will help my agents @ work out tremendously when it comes time for the next ring of password resets in 2 weeks. 10 passwords to remember, and 4 different sets of requirements. (one requires Upper, lower, special, and numeric, with no repeating.)

    Wow. I'm very impressed.

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    I've never cracked a password that was generated from this program.
    Wow that is impressive....

    What is the program called??

    I find users respond better to creating 14+ charactor pass "phrases" oppossed to 14 + charactor pass "words"

    You wouldnt belive how many times I have come across a qwerty variable

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