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    Errr Hang on there AK old chap,

    Your external speakers (even though you stuck them in the headphones socket, but that is OK, you can buy those to get a better output from the headphones socket of a Walkman or CD/DVD) work? so that tells us that:

    1. The audio chipset works.
    2. The signal out works.
    3. The internal speakers don't work.

    You have a 200% hardware problem there...... and it is inside their sealed, under warranty box. Muhahahahahahahaha

    Sadly, I don't have spare external speakers I can send with the guy.
    That should not be a problem........... a strongly worded letter should do............ they will have external speakers. Oh, and I am sure that they will reward me for my totally brilliant hardware fault finding from a range of 5,000 miles, with one of their devices that actually works

    I would hazard a guess that it is either a blown transistor or a "dry joint" problem.........I am told that you guys call that a "cold joint"????? It is certainly at your internal speaker end, and beyond the audio chipset. But very much inside the case.

    Also, you posted:

    1) I'm on a DEADLINE. I have to find the magic fix within the next 15 hours or so.
    I think it took 68 minutes?
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