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    Google sleuthing

    Some times it really is that simple.

    A single mother put police and journalists to shame in their attempts to unravel the mysterious reappearance of the canoeist John Darwin by using a simple Google search, it emerged today.
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    do a whois search on my ip...
    that is hilarious, how would you feel being a detective assigned to that case... pretty embarrassing.

    good post.

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    His name suits him well ...definately a candidate for the Darwin awards

    Why would he go back to england...and feign loss of memory???

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    I can't understand why he handed himself into the police if he was trying to fake hois own death...why not just carry on as he had been doing for the last 5 years....

    My money is on the picture being a fake..
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    See, if they had only come to us, they would have found him much faster after their thread would be quickly locked with half a dozen "google it" posts.

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    I guess there little plan hasn't gone the way they had hoped it would.

    Im still trying to work out why he decided to go to the police station, he went 5 years without being recognised, he was on the home stretch with a bag of money under each arm.

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