I purchased a Western Digital HD a few months back and softmodded it for the xbox using Ndure softmod tool with hotswapping. Then installed XBMC so I could use it as a media center.

I just bought the 360 and it has the built in Media Center tool to work w/ xp media center and figured I might as well utilize the WD 160gig in my pc seeing as it only has a 30 now. So I unlocked the HD, removed the partition and went to install XP on it and noticed it was only being detected as a 7.45 gig.

This is the same size as the xbox factory hd therefore what the modding program partitioned it to. The mod takes all space over 8 gigs and creates a G:/ or F:/ which is where you store your movies/games etc.

I have tried several different programs and I am getting only 7.45 gigs available.

Any ideas what I can do?