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    RIAA MPAA Christmas Advert?

    Hey guys, you really aren't going to believe this. There is an advert just popped up on my TV (in the UK).

    The scene is in a pub and there is a sort of folk singer with a guitar singing this song. The scene keeps cutting to this sleazy young guy with a real guilty look on his face (he looks like the cat that missed the litter tray)

    The song goes something like "He's knock off Nigel...........he downloads his music and buys knock-off DVDs"

    I almost spat wine all over my keyboard and screen.

    Whatever next?

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    I am assuming it wasn't National Lampoon or Monty Python back from the grave so it was supposed to be serious. Good to know they are spending their money so effectively. Of course they are also putting it in the pocket of politicians. I see they have decided 10 years in prison just isn't enough for uploaders. Certainly we should turn loose the murderers, deviants and robbers to make room for such dangers to society.
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    Hi isildur, I wasn't paying attention at first, so I don't know who is behind it. My wife and I have been discussing it, and I think that it is a rather clever bit of social engineering.

    It is coming up to Christmas present giving time. The message is along the lines of: "if you give people downloaded and pirated products, they will know, and mark your card as a cheapskate".

    A kind of moral blackmail?

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    Nihil: I've always been taught that when accepting presents, it's not the price that matters... it's the thought that counts...

    Maybe they should just reduce the overpriced media so more people are willing to purchase it? I refuse to join itunes just for the simple fact that I can't use something other than an ipod with their service without jumping through hoops.

    I've been a subscriber of www.emusic.com for a while. I get 50 downloads a month for $15. All of their plans are very reasonable. You get 25 free downloads when you join for the trial. Don't like the service? It's simple to cancel. All of the audio is encoded at 192K VBR and there is NO DRM. I've found a lot of great music using that service. They don't have a lot of the commercial mainstream music and it is mostly independent labels. I've really never been a big fan of all the commercial crap anyway. I want variety, not the same song over and over.
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    I thought the post was going to be about this "Charity Forced to Pay Copyright Fee So Kids Can Sing Carols", which showed up on digg about 2 days ago.
    Direct Link: http://torrentfreak.com/charity-forc...n-sing-071209/

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    The PRS will go to court and lose enough to put them out of business. The law is pretty clear, it is an intentional public performance that is covered. People playing stuff for their own entertainment are definitely not included.

    In fact, the public can lodge a complaint to the local authorities under the Noise Abatement Act, so it would be construed as noise pollution, should a member of the public chose to complain.

    As soon as the PRS think that they can licence noise pollution, they will be shut down.

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    That Ad has been showing here in Australia. I even spotted it on MTV witch was weird

    The advertisement was really nice, so nice in fact it reminded me that i still had to "Backup" the building pile of dvd's and cd's in the study.

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