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    GFX card / Mobo

    Hey all

    Got a pc @ work which I have to fix for someone. They use it for home use and the kids play various games.

    Running XP Prof SP2
    P3 863 Mhz and 512 PC133 ram.

    The Graphics card just went so I have to replace it. There was a GF3 128 mb in there.

    Now I have to replace it. Would something like a Fx 5200 be okay or is the CPU to weak?

    Thank you

    EDIT: Ok now I have another problem with this PC.

    I had to test out the RAM (2x Kingston 512@133). The one works fine however when I put the other in, I recieve a blank screen on startup. When I now take it out and use the original Kingston stick I get the same blank screen.

    I unplugged the power supply from the mobo, plugged back in and bam it works? Now is there some sort of a short. This does it with another supply I found here in the office as well.

    I will try get the details of this the mobo for everyone.

    Any help appreciated.
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