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    Some BIOS will disable failed memory slots if the slot or memory is bad. Check to ensure that BIOS AND Operating system sees the correct amount of installed memory. You may still have a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shifty
    Well, it turns out that it is indeed the ram. Which is what the post beeps mean.

    Continuous short beeps. Despite the fact that it states in the manual you do not have to use both ram slots I have now installed ram in both and it works perfect.

    I suspect either a misprint or maybe even the wrong manual. Perhaps the manual covers a couple of variations on the board, but it doesnt seem to add up to me.
    what TYPE of RAM ?
    did you add an IDENTICAL stick into each rack ?

    and beep codes generally have a double beep repeated as a RAM fault indicator

    sometimes a Mo/Bo will allow you to drop in RAM that is within spec,and will accomodate it

    some WILL NOT
    and yes, some Mo/Bo's require PAIRED RAM to be entered

    so Mo/Bo details and RAM details please
    I know you added details in post #1
    but they were a touch aneamic
    try :
    manufacturer details and part #, plus anyting else you can think of

    the more the merrier
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