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Thread: Dead Hard Drive

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    hmmmmmmm, some interesting replies...thanks people.

    I think its dead then. Cant say I have ever heard of replacing the board though.

    I would try that if I thought I could find a board.

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    Well shifty,

    It all depends on what has gone wrong with the drive. Unless you are a specialist with the right equipment that is about all you can do, but you must have the same make and model of drive, and it has to be an electronic rather than an electro mechanical failure.

    If you look at places that provide data recovery services you will see that they have three basic approaches:

    1. Software recovery. Where it is just the data that has been scrambled, deleted or whatever.

    2. Attempt to repair the drive whilst they recover the data.

    3. Dismantle the drive, transfer the platens and recover what they can from those.

    Replacing the controller card does work if that is the problem and you don't have the means to repair the defective one

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