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    Question Google adsense banners...

    Hi Everyone, its been a while since I have posted here, but I need you to help me settle an argument. Since I am fairly sure I am right, and it seems to me a no brainer, I am posting it here in the newbie forum.

    User: Everyone who visits the url **********MODERATOR EDIT: CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK: www.ffxiah.com *********** is having a trojan/keylogger uploaded to their computer and allowing the "cracker" to steal their passwords and account information to their game accounts.

    Me: I find that a bit hard to swallow, can you prove this?

    User: Everyone I know has visited this site and who have had their accounts hacked all have the same program on it, a trojan that installs a keylogger.

    Me: and they did not click the google ad links.

    User no

    Is there a way for this to happen? Could he be right? Can one of our experts visit this site and find out if there is anything to what he is alleging. I understand this is a very serious accusation. I trust google's ads myself, like I said I find this hard to swallow.
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