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    Oak Ridge Nat. Labs. Compromised

    Oak Ridge National Laboratories have been compromised but the facts seem rather strange to me:

    In an advisory posted on Thursday, the federally funded lab recommended that people who have visited the lab between 1990 and 2004 place fraud alerts on the credit reports. The attack, which first breached a computer at the lab on October 29, 2007, did not gain access to classified information, ORNL maintained.
    Errrrrr, 1990? that is 17 years ago............... why are they keeping personal information that old?

    "A hacker illegally gained access to ORNL computers by sending staff e-mails that appeared to be official legitimate communications," the advisory stated. 'When the employees opened the attachment or accessed an embedded link, the hacker planted a program on the employees' computers that enabled the hacker to copy and retrieve information."
    Article here:

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    The staff that open these attachments or click on these links should be flogged... Wonder how many of these people sent money to the Nigerian guys, or fall for the phishing schemes. Just amazing.
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