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    Apple patch Quicktime...... again

    Apple have released a new security patch for their Quicktime software. If you use this, it would be an idea to install the fix now.

    More here:


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    Apple? A patch? Thought they were the last word in security!
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    Hi Moira,

    This is the Apple Quicktime Media Player application. It has been patched 8 times this year.

    It reflects a growing trend to attack applications rather than operating systems.

    Also, I think that people who use that sort of software just tend to click on links, believing them to be safe.

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    did you guys see the story on Slashdot about the idisk?


    iDisk lets you access your hdd from remote systems.

    From the article:

    However, there is no Log-Out button in this Web interface, so most users just close the browser and walk away... not realizing that their iDisk has been cached by the browser and that anyone who wants to can open up the browser, go back to the link in History, and get into their iDisk completely logged in.
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    A bit Mac Security Update was released today also.
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