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    moxquito that's an interesting concept. The test email I sent to myself did go from the gmail server OK and did have a reply to as whatever address I put in. Before this, I was just trying to alter the address the email was sent from, reasoning it would automatically put that email as the reply to address, but the problem was the yahoo and aol servers not accepting mail from each other's servers, or gmail's.

    However I need a longer email to test this and when I get a chance I'll set up yahoo mail with yahoo server settings and try sending mail from the genuine yahoo account but with the reply to address that I want.

    I'm sorry it's taken me two weeks to get round to replying to this, unfortunately I was taken into hospital in a coma a week before xmas, and have not long been back home. I'm only now starting to catch up on email I'm afraid. The hospital think I had some extreme kind of reaction to a drug or a mixture of drugs I took, including those prescribed for my arthritis. Anyway, I'm back now, fully recovered
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    >totally off topic<

    Holy Shite

    Good to hear you are ok Moira........

    Must be some heavy duty drugs your taking..

    I plan on becoming fairly comatose this evening.....with a fine bottle of single malt

    then look for a new job in the new year

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Thanks, morganlefay I'll certainly make sure nothing like this happens again. There were some pretty heavy drugs involved, and I'm sorry I just disappeared off the scene so to speak.

    IKnowNot, yes that's exactly what I'm referring to, but the version of Thunderbird I'm using has a known bug in that it constantly defaults to the top SMTP server in the list, no matter which one you tell it to use. I've put in the SMTP server settings for each account, thinking I'd choose depending on which email address that particular email had gone from, but I find I need to delete the others to stop them being used.

    Maybe I should just accept that I have to send all mail through gmail and not worry - I realise that the headers would show the true ISP anyway. However this wasn't an attempt to hide where I was sending mail from, just some way of keeping my gmail account from being obvious to recipients and prevent them replying to it (unless I'd sent an email via gmail), as that account gets loads of spam and often a genuine email gets lost among it all.

    I'll first of all try moxquito's idea and see if that works.

    Edit Right, I've got a bit further with this. Seems this copy of Thunderbird [i]doesn't[/] have this particular bug, as I can set different smtp servers for different email accounts. However, while this works really well with sending Yahoo and AOL mail from those accounts, the minute I try to send from a mask which points to these email addresses, sending fails. That doesn't matter too much with AOL, they've always been like that and I don't point too many important email masks to that address, I have multiple identities for Yahoo and it will only send Yahoo mail through their smtp server. I can put a different "reply to" address as per moxquito's idea, but it still shows my name followed by my real yahoo address in the from field. AOL was better, simply showing my name and only holding the mouse over it gave the true from address.

    So anyway, it's pleasing to discover I can set different smtp servers, even though Yahoo doesn't seem too cooperative. I still find only gmail sends any email from any address. I've set aol mail to go through their servers since I don't use a mask on top of that address to send mail from, and have just put Yahoo mail back to going through gmail addresses. From what I've read, Yahoo were going to charge people to use their servers to send mail other than their own - maybe if that's true I could look at paying because it is quite important to me.
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    check out

    Quote Originally Posted by Moira
    To be honest, I know it can't do much with the headers, but it stops my genuine email recipients replying to the wrong address and getting lost in gmail spam.
    heheh if you wanna do stuff like this
    get a 10 minute mail account...

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    That wouldn't serve the purpose - what if people started saving and replying to the 10 minute account? I'd not get their emails!
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