Hello Everybody,

I am a novice computer hardware person, but learning a little more everyday. I bought a Samsung R20 notebook a few months ago and think it is quite satisfactory. The RAM is the only component that I would like to upgrade, but have been confused on what the real parts I need are. The tag on the box used this exact line to describe the memory, "1GB DDR (512M D5 + 512M D5)". So from that I have figured that it must have two DDR memory slots each with a 512 in it. Here is where I became confused! Crucial.com states a money back guarantee that their advisor tool will configure the right memory for a certain computer. The advisor suggests I put in DDR2 sticks, which from what I have read elsewhere are not compatible (DDR & DDR2). Here is the page after going through the 3 step advisor tool. Can somebody please help me find the correct RAM for my machine? I greatly appreciate any help and thank you in advance.