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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil
    2. When your files get corrupted you won't remember your password because you never type it in. Make sure you write them down........... last but one page in the family Bible or Koran is a good place.......... perps never look there
    I read a good one the other day, suggested by a security expert, that I never thought of before: write your passwords down and store 'em in your wallet. A simple idea, but they safeguard our money and credit cards so why not passwords as well?

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    What's wrong with a sticky post-it note on the side of your monitor, or similar? I know Malware has gotten very sophisticated, but I'm pretty sure it can't read THAT yet.

    Wallets can be lost too easily.

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    do a whois search on my ip...
    wow... nihil went on a rampage, covering pretty much every aspect of that question =) (had some free time I take it) either way if this becomes a faq I know exactly where to send the next person to ask this question. lol.

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    (had some free time I take it)
    Dental surgeon............. it wasn't free

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